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Just to let you know I have a new e-mail.


Time Warner bought Insight and made us all change.  I may never remember all the places I have to change this!\

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Alas, another anniversary rolls around.  This year I am celebrating the 49th anniversary of my taking up water ballet.  I was the youngest 10 year old in the class.

Want to wish you the most prosperous and prolific (fic-wise) of new years.  Today is my seeessster's birthday -  she is celebrating the 51st anniversary of Kennedy's election.  So what anniversary are you celebrating?

(We quit celebrating birthdays because we discovered they were only making us older!)

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What sign were you born under in the Chinese lunar calendar? Do you think it accurately represents your animal spirit?

Year of the Dragon, month of the Water Dragon.  Yes indeedy.


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I am currently sitting in my daughter's apartment in Mishawaka, IN having driven with her in her new car for the last 7.5 hours to get here.  The trip wasn't bad (although we had snow from Kokomo on up) but what led up to my being here is something else.

On Wednesday past, we waved a fond farewell to our oldest, sending her back to Notre Dame for school (had to be back by Monday.)
At about 5:30 pm we go a call:  "Mom, there's been a wreck."  Seems a gust of wind and black ice conspired to throw her first towards the guardrail and then over-correction caused her to "tag" a semi at about 75mph.  The semi spun her back into the rail where she stopped short of a ravine (yes!).  With the good help of all concerned, including the driver of the semi, she was safe a sound at the towing company waiting for my oldest son and I to arrive in my minivan to get her and all her stuff.

This is where I can't decide if the traffic gods hate me or love me.  Turning into a driveway on a country road, ice covered and slick, we were T-boned (broadsided so to speak) by some guy who apparently didn't know that brake lights meant we were slowing and/or stopping.  

So now, I have had to help her replace her car (thanks' gp for the $$ assist) and my car is in the shop for the foreseeable future.  I will be flying back home on Wed or Thurs if the weather allows.

And I am STILL waiting on my computer to be returned.

Hope all of you are having a better time than I am (although time with Mags is always enjoyable and this is a nice break anyway.)

D (aka mendenbar01)

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To all my patient friends:

Courtesy of my youngest, the computer jock, my system received an interesting virus a couple weeks before Christmas.  He has explained to me that just because it piggybacked on something he "downloaded" it doesn't mean he "imported" it (same thing as far as I can see.)  Anyway, because of this, I have no computer and will not have one for probably two or three more weeks (the IT at work has to dump and reload everything as the start up protocols have been corrupted.)  I am currently on a borrowed computer for about an hour until I have to return it.  I also have over 1000 e-mails to sort through! (It is New Year's Eve and I will NOT be sorting them tonight!)

So, to all of you who are wondering why I am not reviewing, I'm not getting to read either but asap I will do so.  

I want to wish all of you the most joyous and blest New Year that you can manage.

With great affection (and perhaps a little affectation here and there),  I remain,
D (aka mendenbar01)

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LJ keeps prompting me to add to my journal.  I really have nothing to say but if it will make it's little electrons happy, here it was.  Perhaps now it will let me get back to visiting friends and reading some truly amazing fiction.

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